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VMworld EMEA 2019 - Top Sessions

My Personal Recomendations

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It's VMworld Eurpoe time once again and as usual situated in the amazing city of Barcelonia. Given VMworld US was back in San Francisco this year and the incredible announcements made during the keynote it may lead you wondering if there is any 'magic' left in the bag for us Europeans.. we will know soon enough.

In the meantime it's always helpful to highlight a few sessions that will be of particular interest, especailly to the cloud native and applications focussed community.

Project Pacific has a real focus at VMworld EMEA with lots of sessions all of which are worth checking out, beyond those here's my top 10+2 .. I"m presenting two sessions I'm obviously bais toward.

  • VI Admin's Guide: CNA and 12 Factors to Run and Manage Apps on PKS [CODE1916E]
  • Kubernetes Lessons Learned: Tips and Tricks from 50+ Kubernetes Deployments [KUB2517BE]
  • Cross-Cluster and Cross-Cloud Service Mesh Architecture and Use Cases [KUB1939BE]
  • Machine Learning with GPU Using Cloud Automation Services and Bitfusion [MLA2612BE]
  • VMware Blockchain: Distributed Trust at Scale [OCTO2657BE]
  • VMware CTO Panel: What's Over the Horizon ? [OCTO2899PE]
  • VI Admin's Guide: Supporting Container-Based Machine Learning with PKS [MLA2036BE]
  • Armed and Ready: VMware Tech and Solutions on Arm-Based Systems [OCTO2944BE]
  • Modern Apps Keynote: VMware Tanzu and Your Kubernetes Journey [MOD3543KE]
  • Application Lifecycle with Kubernetes and Cloud Automation Services [CODE2639E]

and last but by no means least.. two sessions presented by yours truly.. (and friends).

  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry Cross-Stack Visibility with Wavefront [KUB2410BE]
  • Deploying and Running Red Hat OpenShift on VMware [HBI2376BE]

Hope to see you all there!

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