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So Much... #Tanzu & Finally vSphere 7 with Kubernetes

· VMware

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This last year has been an incredible rollercoaster for Cloud Native at VMware; Having been part of this journey since conception back in 2014 it’s fair to say I’m beyond excited to see the emergence of vSphere 7 with Kubernetes ; Having been running pre-GA code in my home lab for the last few months I’m very much looking forward to sharing my experiences and showing off a few demo apps and services running on the new platform. ( come back soon for those blogs ).

In the meantime here is a rollup of all the various launch announcements both for vSphere 7 and everything supporting and wrapping around the platform alongside some great additional learning material from Frank and others.

Pre-vSphere 7 - Project Pacific Tech Talks

For those wanting some great deep dive material regarding Project Pacific (vSphere 7 with Kubernetes) check out.

And There's More..

VMware also announced new editions of VMware Cloud Foundation (v4.0) and vRealize & vCloud Suite 2019.

Over all its been a very busy day here at VMware, with plenty more excitement still to come I've no doubt.

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